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Promotion Faced Won or Lost
PWL White Trash Hero Lost
FNW Super Hentai Lost
ICW* Super Hentai Won
PAW * Super Hentai Lost
PAW walk of fame * Super Hentai & Mr. Pgh. Won
PAW * Archangel Lost
UPW * Shirley Doe & Axle Law Lost
SCW * Super Hentai no contest
SCW * Shirley Doe Lost
UPW * Mr. Insanity Lost
UWA * J-ru Won
PWL * Super Hentai Lost
FNW * Super Hentai Won
PWL * Richard Swinger, Super Hentai, Scotty Venom Lost
PWL * Super Hentai, Richard Swinger Lost
PWL * Scotty Venom Lost
FNW * Dynamite Dean Lost
PWL * Orion Won
PWL * J-ru Won
PWL * Super Hentai (#1) Won
PWL Mantis (#2) Lost
PWL Spiffy Sean Styles (#3) Lost
PWL Mantis, No DQ, Street Fight Won
PWL Mantis Won
PWL J-Ru Won
PWL Enigma Won
KSWA Super Hentai Won
TSWF The Latin Assassin Won
WLW (tv. taping) Dirk Ciglar Won
WLW (tv. taping) Mantis double countout
WLW (tv. taping) Tony Kazina no contest
WLW (tv. taping) Brandon K Lost
NWF * "Gorgeous" Greg Wallace Won
TSWF Cobra Lost
HOPWF * Jack Hammer Won
HOPWF * Greg Wallace Lost
HOPWF * Greg Wallace No DQ' Won
PWL Dirk Ciglar Double Dq
PWL Brandon K Lost
FNW Sebastian Dark, El-Tiberon Lost
IWI El-Tiberon Won
CWF Scott Venom Won
IWC Scott Venom, Jru, Scottie Gash Lost
IWF Genocide Johnny Won
APWF Charlie Mansun Won
MCW Glenn Spectre Won
APWF El- Tiberon Won
TSWF Glenn Spectre Won
IWC tv taping Mantis Won
TSWF Justin Sane Lost
IWC El-Tiberon Won
TSWF Glenn Spectre, Cobra Lost
IWC Gekijin Won
IWC Mantis #4 Won
IWC Boomer Payne, Mr. Insanity Lost
IWC Orion Lost
IWC Trevor Lowe Lost
CWF Bison Lost
TRW Kid Sensation (#5) Won
TRW JT Rodgers (#6) Lost
KAWF Scott Venom Won
CWF Brandon K Lost
NWA-East Atomic Axel Law Lost
IYFW Glenn Specter Lost
CWF Axel Law Won
IWC Super Hentai Lost
IWC Kid Sensation Lost
IWC Super Hentai & Kid Sensation (three way dance) Lost
CWF Bison Lost
CWF Bison Won (DQ)
CWF Bison (chain match) Lost
IWC Scottie Gash Lost
Deaf Wrestlefest 02 Orion, Super Hentai, Shirley Doe Lost
IWC T.Rantula, Seth James Lost
IWC T.Rantula Lost
IWC T.Rantula Lost
CWF CJ Sensation Won
CWF Battle Royal Lost
IWC T.Rantula Won
IWC Trevor Lowe Won

# 1: Hair vs Mask match to recapture the "Devil" persona Mantis hits Hentai and gets Viper disquallified, Hentai refuses a tainted win, gives Mask to Viper.
Outside int. from Spiffy, Mantis throws fireball into Devil Bhudakahn's face.
#3 Outside int. from Mantis.
#4 This was a Mask -vs- Mask Match. Bhudakahn got the win, and Mantis unmasked showing that he is Kid Sensation!
#5: During the match Kid Sensation hit the "Kidnapper" on Devil. SR. referee Mark Steele came running out and reversed the decision because "according to the Mark Steele Professional Wrestling Rule Book, it states that you cannot use the ropes as leverage to a move"
#6: After that whole situation, Referee Harold Potter came out and said that he wanted to express his powers, he was going to make a match between Devil Bhudakahn and a mystery opponent. Who we found out later to be JT Rodgers.


Promotion Teamed With Faced Won or Lost
PWL Shirley Doe & Mad Mike Super Hentai, Crusher Hansen, & Samu Won
UPW * Axle Law & TNT Justin Shane, Feature Presentation & Tommy Hillfigure Won
UPW * TNT Axle Law & Bison Lost
CWF Super Hentai The Masked Duo Won
CWF Super Hentai Van Hughes & Frank Corleone Won
CWF Shirley Doe, & Super Hentai Mantis, Dirk Ciglar, & Scotty Venom Won
CWF Super Hentai Axle Law ,Guido Corleone vs TNT , J-Ru vs Scotty Venom , Brandon K(#1) Lost
CWF Super Hentai Scotty Venom & Orion (#2) won
KSWA Shirley Doe Super Hentai & Mantis Won
HOPWF * Adian Latin Tornado & Fumar Won
PWL Shirley Doe Scott Venom & Dirk Ciglar Lost by Dq
PWL Shirley Doe Scott Venom & Dirk Ciglar (rematch) Won
PWL Mantai, & Shirley Doe Scott Venom, Dirk Ciglar, & Super Hentai (PWL 1st anniver. show) Won
PWL Shirley Doe Spiffy Sean & Kid Cupid (NWA East tag team tournament) Won
PWL Shirley Doe Paul Atlas & Jimmy Anjel (NWA East tag team tournament) Lost
PWL Shirley Doe Bubba the Bulldog & Homicyde #3 Won
PWX Shirley Doe, Mantis NWA champion, Mike Rappada, Super Hentai Lost
PWX Shirley Doe Sexual Harassment Won
PWX Shirley Doe Jimmy Anjel/ Paul Atlas & Backseat Boys Won
CWF Super Hentai Frank Corleone & Jefferson Allan Won
CWF Super Hentai Dirk Ciglar & Scott Venom (second CWF ladder match) Lost
CWF Super Hentai Bison #4 Won
CWF Shirley Doe Bison/ Sandman Lost
IWC Shirley Doe, Super Hentai Sugar Shane Helms, Dirk Ciglar Lost
CWF Shirley Doe Tommy Brown,/ Bison Won
IWC Super Hentai Dirk Ciglar/ Brandon K Won
ECWA Homicyde Dr. Feelgood/ Bubba the Bulldog Won
IWC Super Hentai Dirk Ciglar/ Brandon K Lost
MCW Jake Garrett Club Xtreme, Critical Mass (3 way dance) Lost
IYFW Jake Garrett, Sterling James Keenan, Devin Devine Spiffy Sean, Lance Dayton, The Extremist, and "Sgt. Jason Williams" Lost
CWF Glenn Specter ODB & Axel Law Lost
IWC Dennis Gregory Scottie Gash & J-Ru Lost
IWC Troy Lords Gabriel Knight & Chris Kole Lost
IWC Glenn Spectre J-Ru/ Trevor Lowe Won
IWC Jake Garrett / Dean Radford Bubba the Bulldog / Jru / Trevor Lowe Lost
IWC Glenn Spectre Sexual Harassment Lost
IWC Jake Garrett/ Glenn Spectre #5 Sexual Harassment Won
IWC Glenn Spectre Sterling James Keenan & Dustin Ardine Won
IWC Jake Garrett/ Glenn Spectre Dustin Ardine & Trevor Lowe Won
IWC Jake Garrett/ Glenn Spectre Sexual Harassment Won
IWC Jake Garrett/ Glenn Spectre Sexual Harassment & SABU Lost

#1: Brandon K was subbing in for Dirk Ciglar.
#2: Brandon K was taken out earlier in the show.
#3: PWX -vs- PWL Tag Titles on the line. The Hellfire club retained their PWL Tag Team belts, and gained the PWX tag team belts.
#4. In this match, Bison must win to get a shot at Shirley Doe in the next show.
#5. This was a handicap match for the IWC Tag Team Titles, which were won by Devil's Advocate.