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From the firey depths of Hades (or from herpes infested N. Versailles by way of the Wasteland Dirtmall)

5"8" 190 and 25 years of age

years as pro 4

Trained by Shirley Doe at Gentlemen Joe Perry's Acadamy.

Signature moves: the Devil Advocate( floatover german suplex into bridging pin) Hell's Fury( a full nelson/camel clutch submission)and the Hellfire Tornado(tornado tiltawhirl backbreaker)

Caught saying: "When you play with fire, you're playing in Hell. And Hell is MY domain"

Professional debut was on may 23, 1998 in a tag match with Sum Yun Guy against 747(old Hentai gimmick) and Shirley Doe

Ring entrance, 5 Finger Crawl by Glenn Danzig

Devil Bhudakahn started his career as "Vince Viper" battling his long time friend and rival "Super Hentai". This would put both atheletes on the map as great competitors, and fans quickly began to notice the duo. While Devil has worked for most of the indy promotions in the Pgh area he make his home in the Pittsburgh Wrestling League.

In his short 2 year tenure, Devil has had many great (and some not so great ) battles with a plethora of opponents.

First is the classic Viper/Hentai rivalry where "the devil" was bannished ( later re-captured),In a mask vs mask match hentai turned Devil's cheating against him and scored a win thus forcing Devil to become "Vince Viper".Vince would later defeat Hentai in a mask vs hair match to reclaim his "devil" persona and mask some 2 years later.

Later came the Orion feud. In a see saw battle (for a few promotions) fans would see Orion taking "Devil" to his limits. The feud came to a head in the PWL.

And a feud that nearly cost Devil his eyesight and his career,was one against "Mantis".Words cannot describe this battle. Mantis would use everything in his arsonal to steal some wins here, but eventually Devil got the best of him. Not before putting Mantis through a table from the wrestleplex balcony and putting him through the entrance ramp. However Bhudakahn didn't walkaway unharmed, in fact, Mantis ripped off his mask and split open the forehead of the antichrist one and put him through a table as well.

And who could forget the lethal 4-way encounter for the vacant PWL three rivers title. That match pitted the top cruiserweights that the area had at that time, Viper, Hentai, Ciglar, and the man who became the first ever 3 Rivers champ, Scott Venom. Viper held his own, but, could not secure a win in this contest.

Travels include: Nittany Wrestlig Federation (State College Pa.)

Pro Wrestling X-press(Pgh Pa.)

Steel City Wrestling(Pgh. Pa.)

Far North Wrestling (Pgh Pa.)

World Leigon Wrestling

The Deaf Wrestlefest (Pgh School for the Deaf )

Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling (Cleveland Oh.)

Penn Atlantic Wrestling/Victory World Wrestling (Pgh Pa.)

Intense Championship werstling(Erie Pa.)

Championship Wrestling Federation (Pgh Pa.)

International Wrestling Cartel (Pgh. Pa.)

Some Devil/Viper fast facts...

He holds a red belt in Tea kwon Do

Loves the Misfits and Danzig

Has over 300 comic books in his colection

Enjoys role playing games such as Magic "the gathering"and Dungeons & Dragons

Has run the race for the cure 2 years in a row

And his favorite wrestlers include Jushin "Thunder" Liger, Psycosis, Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit